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Marble Restore Kit - English

BMC marble restore kit DELUXEContents of package:

- 4 coloured velcro backed diamond plates:

orange 200# grit

red 400# grit

green 800# grit

light green 1500# grit

- 1 black velcro backed pad, size 4x5x2 cm

- 1 pkg. containing 50g of polishing powder for marble

When to use.

To remove surface scratches, etch marks, limescale, roughness caused by acidic substances.

Where it works.

The kit is designed specifically for marbles, stones and carbonate materials: marble, limestone, calcareous sandstone, terrazzo. The abrasive plates work on any type of natural and artificial stone (also granite, quartzite, stoneware etc.), but the mirror polishing is achieved only on carbonate materials because of the polishing powder specification. On the granite you will get better results by using the special kit (sku 81011).

Don't work to remove stains absorbed in depth, such as organic colored stains, ink, grease, oil and rust stains penetrate beneath the surface layer. To remove these stains is necessary to adopt measures specific to the type of stain. In the presence of corrosion or opaque marks caused by acidic colored substances (eg. fruit juice, tomato, red wine etc..), before proceeding to repolish, is recommended to remove the stains in depth.

How to use.

1) To remove scratches or roughness of corrosion by acids start with the orange plate, 200# grit. For light stains or opacity from wear you can avoid using the # 200 grit and start with the red plate (400#).



2) Rub the area with the diamond plates in grinder growing succession: orange (if applicable), red, green, light green without never skipping grinder. The plates must be rubbed using alternating circular movements on wet surfaces, around 1- 2 kg pressure, time for each grinder rubbing 1- 3 minutes, depending on the hardness of the stone. Try to spray water as often as possible on the surface and on the plate to remove stone powder which is produced while polishing.

Broaden slightly the treatment area at each grinder change and check at each step that abrasion is homogeneous.

3) After using plate grinder 1500# spread a teaspoon of polishing powder over the working surface. Moisten the polishing powder.




4) Cover with a soft cloth (or paper towels) and press rubbing for a couple of minutes to obtain a perfect mirror polished surface.




5) Result - shining surface, etch mark removed.



 Yields and life.

The kit has been designed to solve small problems of limited extension. However, with the pkg. of powder contained in the kit can be polished up to 2 sqm of marble (eg a bathroom vanity tops or kitchen countertops). The diamond plates can take up to 3 sqm. of surface to be polished. To use the plates until complete consumption is necessary to integrate the kit by purchasing additional packs of polishing powder (assuming that you intend mirror polishing).

Other warnings. POLISHING POWDER R21/22 Harmful in contact with skin and if swallowed. S24 Avoid contact with skin. S37 Wear suitable gloves.

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